HODEADH PORT: Location: The port is situated in the middle of the Yemen’s west coast ,situated on the red sea on latitude 14,50 north ,longitude 42,56 east .Raas Al-katheeb protects it from the natural disasters from west side and from southern and northern ,eastern directions the coast of Hodieda city . Area the area of the internal land that is walled inside and outside with internal wall about 3,000,000m2. The external area that is walled with 3,000,000 m2 .the total land area is about 6,000,000m2. The channel is marked with buoys lighted with solar panels The port has two waiting areas for ships.first area is on the side of the first buoy a sign for entering the maritime channel (F.W.B) Second area is on the North West the channel opposite to Ra'as Alkatheeb region.Second area is on the North West the channel opposite to Ra'as Alkatheeb region The berths: The number of berths in Hodiedah port is 8, of 1416 m long two additional berths in the dock of the port to charge oil tankers and petroleum derivatives. submersible of these berths about 10m low tide Stores and warehouses: In the port there are 12 stores total area (37.230m2) size (260820m2) for saving different goods which can not be put at open yards. Open yards (concrete- prepared) There are many concrete asphalt yards, total area (120,000m2) for keeping different size containers. There are also many other prepared yards total area (1635404m2) for saving different and various goods such as wood, steel, vehicles and there are particular yards for dangerous materials Land handling equipment: First – equipment in containers terminal: The corporation took care of containers delivering process and worked and still working to achieve and update it cope with the continuous increase and steady growth for the preparation of containers arriving annually ,located two berths in length (500m) to receive containers ships ,the terminal was supplied with various and different equipments and machineries


Port Authority : Yemen Ports Authority ( YPA ). Day night time navigation is permissible. Full bunker and fresh water facilities are available. Repair facilities available through Aden Dry Docks. Pilotage and tug hire is compulsory


Location:The port is located on latitude 15/07 north, longitude 40 /42 east in the northern west of Hodieda. Its 60km far from the city , relevant to 32 nautical mile the port and salif village are situated on salt mine which has nearly twenty million tons according to the biological estimates, the salt had been exported from this port Area It’s total area, inside and outside, is about 808,989m2 to the outside gate.The importance of salif port: The port has strategic importance for many reasons: Its depth that reach to 50ft, so it is easy to receive huge ships that carry 55000 tons only. Kamaran Island protects it naturally from waves which considered being a safe harbor for ships. The new berth trends and port parts. - berth with 450m long ,depth 13m in case of low tide and 14 m in high tide . Assistant berth with length 60m, depth 6 m as partition at the beginning of the basic berth which is for tug boats, small ships and boats. Port’s parts: Iron railway for graven electrical cranes that reach 5-10 tons. Concrete yard behind the berth with area 18000m2. Yard for maintaining cranes. Land prepared yards, area 56,500m2. Power station with generators 1500kwatt. The port has many buildings, administration, residential and security installations. The port has been in infrastructure operation .1, 1/2 km internal roads have been prepared with asphalt


It is offshore terminal consists of 409 KDWT floating storage and offloading Vessel "FSO" called "Safer" . Its name was derived from the name of the place where the oil came out for the first time in Yemen. It is used for exporting Marib light crude's oil .1) Location : The Safer is permanently moored in a location approximately 4.8 nautical miles offshore from Ras Isa and about 60 km Northwest Hodaidah city on the Red Sea. 2) Operator : Safer Exploration and Production Co. (SEPOC). 3) Water depth : Approximately 37-40 m. 4) Custody Transfer System: The Custody Transfer System consists of the following : Five turbine meters , size 16 ins, 25000 BPH Maximum. Pipe proverb loop, 42 ins. . nominal diameters used for proving the meters during the lifting. Jeskoot sampler for collecting the sample batch for analyzing. 5) Storage Capacity: FSO Safer contains 34 crude oil tanks of different sizes and volumes the total capacity of the storage tanks is approximately 3 million barrels at 98% full capacity. 6) Acceptable Export Tanker Parameters: Dimensional limitation for export tanker calling at Ras Isa are as follows: a) Length overall Ma; : 1150 ft (350.6 M). b) Freebard Max : 60 ft (18.3 M). c) Trim Max : 10 ft (3.0 M). d) Export Tanker Min deadweight: 80 KDWT. e) Max . Deaweight tonnage: 307 KDWT. f) Cargo Manifold Flange: 3d16 ins ANSI. 7- Loading Rate: a) Min. loading rate is 15,000 BPH. b) Max. Loading rate is 55,000 – 60,000 BPH Main Menu Home about us services our office Information HODEADH PORT ADEN PORT SALEEF PORT RAS ISA OIL TERMINAL contuct us